Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy Busy Birds

I never saw a bluebird growing up in the suburbs. Now I live in an area with a mix of rural & suburban bits, and finally I have bluebirds. I get so excited when I see the bright blue flash of a small bird because I know it's a male bluebird. We have a small brook that cuts our backyard in half. It's small enough to jump over and dries up in the summer. We put our bluebird house up on the far side of the brook so as not to disturb the birds. I'll see them flitting down to the grass for a bug, then up to a tree limb. They are quick moving birds, and don't stay around if we're out in the back area. But they have nested in our bluebird house, so all is well and I was inspired to create a bluebird art piece. I wonder if they have time to raise 2 families since they started this first family so early.
This is such a wonderful time of year for me. The garden gets freshly tilled, seeds start sprouting, weeds are still easy to pull, birds sing heartily and everything is so vibrantly green! There is no dry parched lawn, or sweltering heat, and the birds have not gone quietly into the woods with their young. There are gnats, but no mosquitoes. It is easy to sleep with cool nights, and days are just the right temperatures, not needing fans or AC. I wish you all this same joy of the season.

The image above is copyright 2011 Denise Tedeschi

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