Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Musical Inspiration

I'm always happily surprised when someone reinvents a piece of music that we are so familiar with that we can hear the original song playing in our head. Certainly Elton John songs were broadcast so much, that the world is familiar with them. This is why I love a brand new rendition that has it's own unique character.
There is definitely an inspiration to create fresh new ideas using traditional subjects. I see this reinvention all around me if I look, in architecture with use of traditional exterior design with modern materials and interior functions, chefs reinventing old recipes, writers using old scenarios and plot structure in new ways and industrial designers reinventing old products in new styles or finding new ways of using traditional materials. All these areas of our lives are constantly growing and changing, sometimes in good ways, sometimes bad. Change is part of growth and creativity is it's origins.
In a nutshell: I am so inspired!

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