Sunday, April 3, 2011

Inspiration 4 the day

This image is copyrighted by Cali Rezo, a French artist that I found online…somewhere, somehow. I really love her capture of the luminosity of the skin. Her subjects are mostly people. She stylizes most to look either Asian, or versions of herself, but with large eyes. She creates beautiful images. The girl at left plays in a Klimt style, and there are other historically important styles she pulls from as well. Not all images are illustrative, and some of my favorites are from her Ghost series, which seem less ghostly and more studies of motion & movement of the body. She also shares her talents for music & interior design with us on her website . She is a woman who seems to have unlocked all the doors of talent she's found within herself. I come away feeling she's sharing her life of motivation, energy & optimism.

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