Friday, March 4, 2011


I've always enjoyed learning how to use my computer and programs better. I don't try tutorials as much as I should. Those that I've learned I should also practice more so as not to forget. Half the time I'm trying to find sites that I've been to and thought I had bookmarked, or noted somewhere.
This tutorial was for creating an ice pop from lettering. I found the tute on Twitter from chrisspooner. The tute didn't actually work well for me when it came to the water drops. I tried the entire tute a couple times then gave up for the night. This happens. Sometimes it's a mistake in the tute, and sometimes it's me. Here's the basic tute Icepop. Today I tried again, and searched for more Photoshop water drop tutorials and found a bunch. One worked well enough. I'm going to try to work this design onto a teeshirt mockup and see if it's a winner.

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